Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Next up, a little quality time with Jon Bon Jovi

Well, I've been home and sleeping in my own bed for almost 10 days.  Must be time for another trip!  This time, off to Dallas for girl's weekend/Bon Jovi concert with Whiplash and Smalls, my two favorite foreigners, btw!  Since last post, helped sis move to Charlotte and attended the funeral of my first fiance's wife (and a high school friend of mine).  Sad to lose someone so young.  On a lighter note, ex-fiance looks EXACTLY the same.  How is that possible???
I am planning on attacking the dating scene head-on upon return from this latest adventure.  Had lunch with "T" earlier this week, should have set-up with architect this month, have given up on ever meeting mysterious "K".  Have dismissed creepy foot-fetishist, have another in the works.  Former Marine ~ yummy!  I love that clean-cut, all-American look!!! 
Back in a week, more or less...