Thursday, March 29, 2012


Have you ever had a really rough day/week/month/year and thought, "Crap!  That sucked!"?  AND THEN REALLY had a rough day/week/month/year and thought, "Now this?  Is an actual shitstorm!"?  Welcometomyshitstorm...
Completely work related, nothing else, though sadly, I've worked so much the passed 3 years I don't have much else.  Pity?  Party of one?
So glad Bestie & her hubs are here this weekend ~ need some fun, nonalcoholic type.  Well...  Maybe just 1 drink (or 7?).

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Great (re)start!

Woo Hoo ~ 2 days in a row...  What a week/month at work ~ this weekend is the annual Chaine dinner for the scholarship fund.  Unlike last year, I won't be working 30+hours over the weekend (just 12), as my sis and fam will be here at the beach for my gorgeous niece's cheer competition.  Very excited to FINALLY see her compete!  Even more excited for them to see all the new furniture!
Next weekend the Bestie+hubby will be here for his softball tourney ~ am looking forward to that as well.  Totally reminiscing about watching at the old airbase fields ~ an ex played for the USAF team and we were here often for games/tournaments.  Fond memories.  Speaking of that ex ~ he's baaaaaacccck!  Not that way, of course ~ I believe going back to an ex is like going to a garage sale and buying your own stuff.  Whywouldyou?  Tracked me down via something called 'mylife' and then fb.  Shockedthehellouttame!  We've caught up, I was sooooo in love with him back then ~ and now, NOW, he tells me he believes I was 'the one'.  wth??  I've GOT TO fix my lovelife Karma, and S O O N!
Bestie is hoping I will watch/meet/fallinlove with one of the guys playing on the hub's team and will immediately head back to Charleston.  I am hoping to win the lottery tomorrow night...

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Holy Crap! aka wtf?

It's been a year?  An entire year?  Since I last wrote?  That explains my desire NEED of adult beverages!  No creative outlet = my thinking shots named 'chocolate cake', 'perfect pussy' and 'buttery nipple' were a good idea last Friday night ~ at the infamous AB's 31st b-day get together.  Ouch for the remainder of the work-filled weekend! 
So, in my world, this is a new year!  I will date (totally forgot to do that last 12 months), I will work LESS THAN 60 hours per week, I will have fun and travel and not shop for anything other than a house.  Those are my resolutions.  Mostly.  Starting now-ish.
I DID "run" the 1/2 marathon in Vegas in December.  If we use 'run' in the loosest possible meaning, or (how it really happened) I ran for 6 miles, power-walked for 1.3 after that, then walked/hobbled/crawled the remaining distance ~ which totalled 13.6 miles vs the promised 13.1 (that .5 REALLY did me in), as someone had mismarked the course.  I cried, actual huge/real/alligatoresque tears, the last mile+.  Because it had started to rain.  In other words, if you ever want to completely ruin a vacation, run a marathon or any portion of one.  Ugh and ouchie!  Poor D had to listen to me whine for the 4 hour ride back to Cali.  So glad I wasn't her, as I was actually a pain in my OWN ass!
The vaca part was good, up until Sunday evening.  It was NFR AND the Country Music Awards were in town.  And I won some money.  Because D made me gamble.  My idea of gambling is hoping they have my size at a shoe sale.  So I had to do something great with the moolah.  Like shop.  For a new fur coat.  And the fancypants new luggage needed to get gorgeous aforementioned coat back to Myrtle Beach.  Where fur coats are NEVER needed.  We had winter this year ~ it was on a Wednesday, if I recall...