Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Holy Sh!t! It's been HOW long?

Welcome to my new normal, whatever that it.  It's been waaaaayyyy too long since I've written.  No wonder I'm all crunchy?  So ~ what's new?  Where to start, where to start? 
Have switched partners on the home flipping business to Bestie (she ALWAYS has my back and I would trust her with my life), left the lighting store, sis is cancer free for over a year now, mom moved in with me for 13 months and is now back with other sis, went to Ireland for 10 days, am in love, am back to working out AGAIN, the pooches are awesome, am selling vodka...
Perhaps I need to expand on some of the above?
Getting the businesses moving again after stagnation is a process.  Slower than I'd like ~ but?  It's going!  Bringing on a couple more people, getting Real Estate license is next on the list for me there.  Bestie and I have taken a few classes together, things are looking up/heading in the right direction.
Ireland was AMAZING! Cannot wait to go back, though... So many places on my 'want to go there' list.  Here's an all too brief synopsis:  The entire town of Sligo knows me by name, the country is amazingly beautiful (it honestly felt like going home), 'AB', 'S' and I became local legends in Blackrock...  The list goes on.  You know you've had fun when the bartender from the previous evening sees you on the street, runs up to you calling you by name, lifts you into the air and exclaims, 'Stephanie!  Thank God yer still alive love'.  Whatthefuck did I do the night before??  Far too many amazing memories to fit here.
As for the love?  Had an old friend (actually, former roommate ~ from the 80's no less) find me via another mutual CA friend.  Ever so thankful that he did!  Our talks/e-mails/texts have me in a tizzy.  He's scheduled a trip to see me in August, me to see him in October, both of us heading to Houston in November, Thanksgiving there (meeting his kids?), back here for New Year's...  With all that travel scheduled, we'd better be a great fit.  I really don't have any fear that it won't work, we'll work out the rest of our life logistics later?  If this relationship fulfills even half of its potential it will be Amazing.  Awesome.  Too Good To Be True?  Or am I FINALLY due?  A HUGE PS?  He's already using the 'L' word, yay me!
Am actually enjoying work, the liquor business is soooo much more fun that the food business, but am still catering with AB ~ keeping my mad chef skilz sharp!
Working out, working out.  My least favorite activity EVER.  But?  Am wanting that curvy Sophia Vergara Sex-Goddess body.  Apparently, I will have to work for it.  Am willing to put in said 'word', if for no other satisfaction than having my 'wnat someone to see me naked' body back.  And soon!