Sunday, January 30, 2011

And then...?

So...  Apparently 'MS' likes me, keeps asking Tobby to see if I'm hanging out with Awoww at her job.  While I often do, I've not been there when he's inquired.  We've voted (we being Awoww, me and assorted other female friends), and Tobby is officially fired.  Awoww will now go into stealth mode to invite 'MS' to events where I WILL BE in attendance.
On to other subjects, now that that's settled.  Sis loved her b-day dinner and surprises (okay, not successful in any of the surprises.  She is IMPOSSIBLE to surprise), but had a great weekend.  Out with sis and college roomie on Friday, more fun than can be described here.  We made lots of new friends, have been invited back to another party with them on Feb 18 ~ I hope college roomie goes, she needs to get out more and spread her newly single wings.  Makeovers at Heaven Neiman Marcus Saturday am ~ again, too much fun.  Dinner was a huge success (Chicken Picatta, Mushroom Risotto, grilled squash), loads of fun and laughter!
Had a great weekend again this weekend ~ Honorary GodDaughter 'A' was in town, fantastic girl's night on Friday, went to see 'AB' coach on Saturday (they won ~ YAY!), then movies and relaxing.  I'm loving my weekends of late!  Bestie (and new furniture) are due to arrive on Friday, B-day party thrown by Awoww on Saturday ('MS' sure to be in attendance!).  Looking like another great weekend coming up!
Cheers, ya'll!!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Mucho Improved!

So A-Wow set me up with "MS" last Saturday!  I had a blast ~ I was a little stressed on the way, so I called "AB" for a pep-talk.  She began with "You are a strong, beautiful black woman...", because she thinks all pep talks start that way.  I was laughing so hard I forgot to stress further, but still did a shop-by and ordered new living room furniture...  A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do, no?  But I did have fun, I think I like-like him, waiting to see what Tobby's input is when he works with him this weekend...  Finger's crossed!
Heading up to Charlotte this weekend for sis's birthday ~ making a yummy dinner at her house for family and friends on Saturday night.  Invited a few extras to surprise her (she is IMPOSSIBLE to surprise).  College roomie is in charge of the cake.  Idk if she's actually going to make it or buy it ~ in her own words "for me to make anything there must be EXACT directions and a picture of what it should look like when I finish." 

Monday, January 3, 2011

2011 here I come!

Don't want to jinx myself or anything, but so far, so good in 2011...  Started the New Year with great friends, toasting with champagne at the stroke of midnight while standing in the sand with the waves pounding in the background.  Seriously?  I had the hottest date there, too.  Thanks "A-Wow" (her new nickname) for being my date!
Knee is nearly healed, cold/allergies are fading and all is well with the pups, too.  "A-Wow" now has 2 (yes, count them ~ TWO) prospective dates for me!  I am busy, busy with work this week, heading down to check on Bestie and have belated Chistmas on Saturday, then wide open for the social time.
I am ever so thankful to begin this year with a better relationship with family, close friends near and wide, and a career than I am (usually) very thankful for. 
Best wishes for Health, Happiness, Prosperity and True Love for everyone out there!!