Saturday, February 23, 2013


Am slowly getting my bearing ~ just in time to head off to Texas for the Rodeo...  Ameversoexcited!  And?  My new boss (that's me, beeteedub) is much less of a hardass so I am gone for 10 days!  I do miss the pooches, though.  Something new this year, am paying my nephew to take care of them, so less stress for the sis (finger's crossed). 
Today was paying it forward.  A friend broke his collar bone in a fall, took him to lunch and shopping.  Considering the bestie had to do EVERYTHING for me after I got the new shoulder, I probably still owe the Universe quite a bit more of the pay.  It's a start!
Too excited to attend my first 'Food Truck Rodeo' tomorrow in Murrells Inlet.  The grilled cheese truck is my first stop!
Busy week upcoming ~ heading to Charleston after the lighting store to celebrate a friends birthday on Monday, court on Tuesday (I'm just a witness) then grilling out with above injured friend and neighbors, back to lighting store on Wednesday, working on HS friend's wedding on Thursday, closing for restaurant sale on Friday.  Whew!
Hope your week is amazing!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

It's cancer...

If I never hear those words again, I will die a happy girl!  So much over the last 9 months...
Quit job, realized I actually HATED my job (80 hours, thankless, no days off ~ what's to hate?).  Went on first real vacation in 10 years.  Toomuchfun!  Thanks to 'D' and the lovely ladies of SoCal, my check liver light came on after only 9 days.  Got home just in time for sis to be diagnosed with 'it'.  Devastation?  Not even a strong enough word.  Now that she's cancer (and hair!) free, I can finally breathe...
Sadly, gained back the 30 hard fought lbs I had lost, and those assholes brought 2 more friends back with them.  Time to get healthy again ~ and STAY that way!!!
'A' and I started our own companies (yes ~ more than 1)!  We've decided to become house/trailer flippers extraordinaire ~ Queens of the Double Wides!
Am getting back to my happy place, seems it was at the beach the whole time...