Monday, February 14, 2011


Happy Valentine's Day!  Although I am still single, I am in a really good place.  Let it be noted ~ one year anniversary has come and gone from the the (first) broken nose incident of 2010!  Am thinking of getting it fixed next Jan ~ just have to pick the nose I want to replace this one ~ pun intended! 
Had a great weekend with friend "L" ~ got to show her all around, even spent a little time at the beach.  Made appointment to get Cooper fixed, along with Bella (the one my sis adopted).  Finger's crossed, this will calm the little 'ladies' (I use the term loosely) down...  Neighbors just got two adorable puppies, "L" actually flew with the pups, hence the visit from the great frozen north!
Busy, busy, busy with work ~ all good, am hoping to move up the corporate ladder soon.
No contact from "MS", although we're now friends on fb ~ think maybe it's a friend thing vs. romance.
Have scheduled this year's Rodeo trip, very excited to see my Texas friends!
Hope all is amazing in your world!