Monday, January 25, 2010


How is it possible that a grown man has NO idea what he wants?  Seriously?  The thought has crossed my mind that "B" is just playing games ~ a huge turn-off, btw!  Completely frustrated, don't have any place to vent it ~ except perhaps the kitchen.  Should have several new and interesting recipes soon...
In other news, let Bestie's SIL know I would be in town for 3 days/nights next week and to feel free to confirm something/anything with "K".  "T and M" are back this week, so intro to their friend should be soon...  Can't put all my eggs in one basket!
I have removed myself from a couple of the dating sites, as I've decided I have no desire to be spanked, experiment with anal and/or other even less savory options.  Who are these men and do they really get to roam around freely with the rest of us?  Fly your freak flag, I say, but don't expect everyone else to be flying the same one...

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Who Knew?

Had a date with "B" last night ~ funny how things work out.  Had completely written him off and now he so has me right between the ears (that's where you REALLY turn on the ladies, guys!).  Something about a super-smart guy with a sense of humor...  I have to fight to keep my clothes from falling off! 
A couple of drinks & scintillating conversation later, no kiss...  He's never had Mono & wants to keep it that way.  But the talking was good, better than, actually ~ nearly great.  Gotta find out that I am definitely no longer contagious ~ you need the kiss to find out if the frog is really a prince or simply a toad all dressed up! 
Bestie's SIL should have the set-up with "K" this weekend, Architect will be sometime late in the month (T & M are in Cali)...
So far, not a bad start to 2010, huh?

Monday, January 18, 2010


So "B" turned out to be a bust ~ don't you hate it when they're all "build-up" and no substance.  It's like eating Chinese food, you're hungry again in no time at all...  But I digress.  Bestie's SIL still has the set-up with "K" in the works, seeing her this weekend, should have a date set soon.  "T" has an architect she'd like me to meet ~ if he's anything at all like her amazing hubbie, I can't wait to meet him. 
I feel as though I need one of those flashing "next" signs, or at the very least, one of those tickety things that shows "now serving #143".  I'll have to look into that.  On the up side, today was a definite fashion do ~ "T" got a Birkin, gave me her Kelley ~ YeeHaw for lack of better phrasing!
Finger's crossed the week ends much better than it began...

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Temporarily Sidelined

Out with Mono ~ how very Junior High of me!  Don't know how/when I caught it, but have been out of commission (sleeping constantly) since last post.  Good news though, have not-so-far in the future date with "B" (met on one of the dating sites I've signed onto) and SIL of Bestie is working to reschedule set-up with "K".   Not too shabby, considering.  Am meeting up sometime this week with local gal pals ~ will be great to be out & about again after nearly two weeks stuck inside! 

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Decision Made!

I've decided this is to be my last year being single. No, I don't know why I made this decision, but there it is. I don't know that this means I want to get married, just that I want someone to share my life with. Where to start? Dating would be good. I was supposed to be set-up by my best friend's sister-in-law (not sure how anyone feels about my use of their names, except aforementioned best friend, who is INTENSLY private ~ I'll refer to her as "Bestie")... Date was canceled, he is in NC at the moment ~ to be rescheduled. Have put myself "out there", as in dating sites. A couple of bites so far ~ had to reword profiles & request the 20-somethings and senior citizens look elsewhere. Does that make me a bitch?