Thursday, March 25, 2010

In need of vacation (to recover from recent vacation)

I am home and I'm EXHAUSTED!!!  I was asking my friend Smalls (all friends will go by initials or nicknames, some of which they might not be aware...) if we had to have a "rest up day" to recover from drunkety-party-girl nights previously, or if this was an entirely new phenomenon.  Sadly (we did MUCH research), it's not only a new thing, it's not going anywhere.  Now, my hangovers have always been potent (when I wake up in the morning, that is the BEST I will feel all day ~ how sad is that?), but this nap-needing, unable-to-shop-for-extended-periods-of-time and aversion-to-all-things-alcoholicness is ridiculous.  WTF, I ask you?  Are my party girl days over for good?  Or is it now an everyotherday kind of thing?  Finger's crossed, it will NEVER become an everythirdday thingy.  I have retirement property at The Betty for heaven's sake!  I cannot begin to fathom this level of fuckupedness.  I would continue to write, but I am in need of some nappage...!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Let's Get Ready to Travel (say it like that "Rumble" guy from boxing ~ makes it way cooler!)

Whew!  Whirlwind weekend that did not include meeting "K" ~ but that's alright. My HS Alma Mater took the girl's state basketball title, thrilling game, came down to the last seconds.  Bestie's brother is the head coach ~ SIL was next to me and was so nervous/tense/excited/proud of him!  Very glad I got to be there.  Spent some quality time with Bestie, as we won't see each other again for nearly a month with all my upcoming 'adventures'.  Off to Houston the end of this week for 9 days/nights at Rodeo, get back and have to head up to Charlotte the following weekend to help sis and fam move into their new house (relocating from CT), Easter weekend "off", then it's on to Dallas for the Bon Jovi concert with college roomie and friends.  With all the weddings coming up, my Derby trip may be off this year ~ will have to find a weekend for Louisville visit soon, though.
Am thinking the foot fetishist is creeping me out a bit ~ lives 4 hours a way, wants me to come visit for a weekend.  Sure, Mr. Axe Murderer, be right there...  Other would-be-suiter-dude is looking pretty good.  Plays golf ~ unlike most women, I consider that a big plus.  Means I get AT LEAST one whole weekend day to myself most of the time, and perhaps an evening or two when he's smackin' 'em at the driving range.  No desire for a man to see me with a mud mask on, or witnessing my behavior when I've had a bad day (sitting on couch, watching TiVo'd 'FaLaLaLaLifetime' flicks, wearing fuzzy robe, fabulous shoes AND Tiara, laying waste to BFF's Ben and Jerry)...  I cherish my 'me' time and look forward to the pleasure of my own company.  But enough about me.  Wait ~ this is ALL about me!!!
Don't know that I'll get a chance to update at all when in Houston...

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Things are looking up...?

Okay ~ the face is (mostly) healed, I might (finger's crossed) FINALLY have a date with "K" on Friday and work is improving.  Although, I now have THREE weddings to attend this year, cutting into my (I thought) abundant vacation time...  From now on I will only become friends with already married people that won't be sucking me dry of me-filled, hedonistic adventure time!
But I digress.  I now have piqued the interest of two more would-be suitors, although one seems scarily enamored of my shoe collection.  Foot Fetish maybe?  If the Choo fits...?  I see a mani/pedi Friday in my near future, to quote my sister.  The other seems a bit more promising, great sense of humor and, dare I dream, normal.  Have to wait and see if he uses those SAT worthy vocabulary words that give me goose bumps.  More to come on these latest prospects ~ those freak flags have a way of popping up at the most inopportune moments.
I am getting ready to head off to the Rodeo for 9 days ~ giving back by volunteering while having a "bit" of fun with old friends.  All the popular phrases apply here ~ 'Save a horse, ride a cowboy', 'Cowboy butts drive me nuts', etc...  That said, am ever so slightly worried about a recently single ex that has been in contact of late ~ 18 months of the "come here, no go away" game was more than enough 5 years ago.  Has he changed?  Am I a moron?  Time will tell!
On a not-yet-newsworthy side note, three days (yes, in a row) at the gym.  No major changes, but I have high hopes.  AND on the financial front ~ got a full refund on the cursed, nose-breaking shoes!!!