Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Is this year over yet???

Sad, sad news ~ Besties's dad passed away last week.  Truly a depressing affair, loads of tears at the memorial service.  Especially sad during the holidays.  Some things I didn't understand ~ no one got up and spoke?  Only the Minister (Preacher?).  I have to say, I don't get the ways of the non-Irish Catholic folks.  No wake?  No up-all-night telling great stories about the recently deceased, laughing and drinking in his (her) honor?  No one speaking about wonderful memories?  I have decided that I'm not showing for my funeral.  Scratch that, no funeral at all.  I'd rather have a party (why stray from what you know, even in death?).  Use the insurance money on a couple of kegs and one of those groovy multi-margarita machines (to go home with the door prize winner).  Cover the floor in sand, play plenty of Jimmy Buffett and Kenny Chesney.  Show fun pics of me with all the attendees.  Tell only the fun stories, no sad stuff.  Use the flower money for fresh flower leis (I want EVERYONE to get lei'd in my honor!). 
I do want to be cremated ~ no need to take up room when I'm gone.  Ashes to be mixed up with those of my dearly deceased pooches and my Dad ~ to be tossed into the wind on a drinking sailing trip by good friends.  Oh!  And donate all of my viable organs ~ I would prefer to be as thin as possible when I leave here...

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Another day, another injury?

At some point SOON, all injuries/illness/yuckiness in general will cease.  Seriously.  Just crawled in from walking the pooches ~ lovely, breezy beach evening.  Giant, scary leaves blowing across the grass scared BaileyTheBeast.  He plowed into me, knocking me down into a screaming mess.  Where are all the cute guys to come help me up?  Not here!  A stray cat did take that opportunity to cross the street in front of us.  Good to know that Bailey can indeed drag both me and Cooper with little to no effort.  Through mud, no less...  All  future pets WILL weigh less than 100lbs. 
Now resting somewhat comfortably with awkward bendy-backward knee elevated.  I'm sure it will heal itself?  On other medical fronts ~ ordered new glasses today.  Thoughtful optometrist (opthamalogist?) showed me the exact spot within my eye that told him I was on the other side of 40.  Note to self:  get new, less talkative eyes.
Spoke with "A" today ~ she and estranged hubby are getting along much better (yay!) and have a friend of said hubby to fix me up with.  2011 is looking good!!!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Best way EVER to spend a Sunday evening...!

Got a call today as I was in the midst of a crazy work day (yes, Sunday is a work day for me), that some of the girls had booked a nail salon for a private party.  Sushi, Mimosas, Mani/Pedis, massages, the works.  Was I interested?  Hells Yeah!  Did we JUST meet??  Best way EVER to spend a Sunday or any other day, I say!  Had such a blast with the girly-girls ~ much needed stress buster.  Sicketysicksicksick for a good bit of last week.  Nothing serious, run of the mill winter cooties. 
Mommy, sis and niece came down from Charlotte for the weekend and got my house in order ~ literally as well as figuratively.  Had a nice dinner with more lovely ladies Saturday night then off to see a local Christmas show, Bestie's Mom and Sis came with.  Weekend full of female bonding ~ Love it!!! 
Am all invigorated to begin the new exercise schedule ~ sis swears by Zumba, can't wait to give it a shot...  Finger's crossed for an injury free end to the year!

Monday, November 29, 2010


Holy Crap!  It's been HOW long since I've posted???  Too long, but here's the update (may take another post)...  2010 not a stellar year for me thus far:  broken noses ~ 2 (yes, both mine, just twice), Bronchitis ~ 3 (once leading to an upper respiratory infection, yay me!), Mono ~ once (and only once, thank God that one can't be a repeat offender), jacked-up knees due to bachelorette party antics (too much tequila, 5" heels, large dirt mound 'too big to go around, let's just go over'...  Need I say more?) ~ 2 (again, both mine), Fire Ant bites ~ 32 (just on me, countless bites on the pooches), funerals ~ 2, mom in hospital ~ once (Congestive Heart Failure, once is MORE than enough), puppies rescued ~ 7 (I kept one, got sis to take one, got the other 5 adopted out), sprained wrist ~ 1, broken foot ~ 1 (two bones on the top.  Fell out of the new car.  Don't ask.  Yes!  I was SOBER), blah, blah, blah...  On the upside, only had to attend 2 weddings this year (one canceled) and won a trip to Las Vegas (fun, fun, fun girl's weekend). 
I have dated a bit though.  Reconnected with a friend I grew up with ~ I have no idea why it ended, I thought things were awesome.  Men.  Can't live with them or get them to communicate, can't chop them up into bite-sized pieces and get away with it.  Oh, well, kept me occupied for 6 months.  Next?  I have been getting out much more ~ just celebrated my birthday Kardashian Style in 2 separate states.  Okay, so SC/NC is not too Kardashian, but it was a lot of fun. 
In other news, my college roomie is now divorced (YAY!!!), friend "A" is estranged from hubby for the moment (I have hopes they'll work it out).  I have been working out and organizing the house (back to house hunting, relationship with "D" sidelined me momentarily).  I now am back to 2 dogs (down from 3).  Gave nutso pooch back to my sister and kept one of the Lab puppies I rescued.  Bailey loves his Cooper ~ she's a handful!
Bestie's SIL has not mentioned "K" of late, perhaps he's found someone.  Good for him if he has ~ every pot needs a lid!  "T" still wants to set me up with architect ~ I need to clear a little time.  Am down to one dating site ~ getting good responses, need to clear actual time to go on actual dates!  More to follow ~ sooner than later next time!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Next up, a little quality time with Jon Bon Jovi

Well, I've been home and sleeping in my own bed for almost 10 days.  Must be time for another trip!  This time, off to Dallas for girl's weekend/Bon Jovi concert with Whiplash and Smalls, my two favorite foreigners, btw!  Since last post, helped sis move to Charlotte and attended the funeral of my first fiance's wife (and a high school friend of mine).  Sad to lose someone so young.  On a lighter note, ex-fiance looks EXACTLY the same.  How is that possible???
I am planning on attacking the dating scene head-on upon return from this latest adventure.  Had lunch with "T" earlier this week, should have set-up with architect this month, have given up on ever meeting mysterious "K".  Have dismissed creepy foot-fetishist, have another in the works.  Former Marine ~ yummy!  I love that clean-cut, all-American look!!! 
Back in a week, more or less...

Thursday, March 25, 2010

In need of vacation (to recover from recent vacation)

I am home and I'm EXHAUSTED!!!  I was asking my friend Smalls (all friends will go by initials or nicknames, some of which they might not be aware...) if we had to have a "rest up day" to recover from drunkety-party-girl nights previously, or if this was an entirely new phenomenon.  Sadly (we did MUCH research), it's not only a new thing, it's not going anywhere.  Now, my hangovers have always been potent (when I wake up in the morning, that is the BEST I will feel all day ~ how sad is that?), but this nap-needing, unable-to-shop-for-extended-periods-of-time and aversion-to-all-things-alcoholicness is ridiculous.  WTF, I ask you?  Are my party girl days over for good?  Or is it now an everyotherday kind of thing?  Finger's crossed, it will NEVER become an everythirdday thingy.  I have retirement property at The Betty for heaven's sake!  I cannot begin to fathom this level of fuckupedness.  I would continue to write, but I am in need of some nappage...!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Let's Get Ready to Travel (say it like that "Rumble" guy from boxing ~ makes it way cooler!)

Whew!  Whirlwind weekend that did not include meeting "K" ~ but that's alright. My HS Alma Mater took the girl's state basketball title, thrilling game, came down to the last seconds.  Bestie's brother is the head coach ~ SIL was next to me and was so nervous/tense/excited/proud of him!  Very glad I got to be there.  Spent some quality time with Bestie, as we won't see each other again for nearly a month with all my upcoming 'adventures'.  Off to Houston the end of this week for 9 days/nights at Rodeo, get back and have to head up to Charlotte the following weekend to help sis and fam move into their new house (relocating from CT), Easter weekend "off", then it's on to Dallas for the Bon Jovi concert with college roomie and friends.  With all the weddings coming up, my Derby trip may be off this year ~ will have to find a weekend for Louisville visit soon, though.
Am thinking the foot fetishist is creeping me out a bit ~ lives 4 hours a way, wants me to come visit for a weekend.  Sure, Mr. Axe Murderer, be right there...  Other would-be-suiter-dude is looking pretty good.  Plays golf ~ unlike most women, I consider that a big plus.  Means I get AT LEAST one whole weekend day to myself most of the time, and perhaps an evening or two when he's smackin' 'em at the driving range.  No desire for a man to see me with a mud mask on, or witnessing my behavior when I've had a bad day (sitting on couch, watching TiVo'd 'FaLaLaLaLifetime' flicks, wearing fuzzy robe, fabulous shoes AND Tiara, laying waste to BFF's Ben and Jerry)...  I cherish my 'me' time and look forward to the pleasure of my own company.  But enough about me.  Wait ~ this is ALL about me!!!
Don't know that I'll get a chance to update at all when in Houston...

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Things are looking up...?

Okay ~ the face is (mostly) healed, I might (finger's crossed) FINALLY have a date with "K" on Friday and work is improving.  Although, I now have THREE weddings to attend this year, cutting into my (I thought) abundant vacation time...  From now on I will only become friends with already married people that won't be sucking me dry of me-filled, hedonistic adventure time!
But I digress.  I now have piqued the interest of two more would-be suitors, although one seems scarily enamored of my shoe collection.  Foot Fetish maybe?  If the Choo fits...?  I see a mani/pedi Friday in my near future, to quote my sister.  The other seems a bit more promising, great sense of humor and, dare I dream, normal.  Have to wait and see if he uses those SAT worthy vocabulary words that give me goose bumps.  More to come on these latest prospects ~ those freak flags have a way of popping up at the most inopportune moments.
I am getting ready to head off to the Rodeo for 9 days ~ giving back by volunteering while having a "bit" of fun with old friends.  All the popular phrases apply here ~ 'Save a horse, ride a cowboy', 'Cowboy butts drive me nuts', etc...  That said, am ever so slightly worried about a recently single ex that has been in contact of late ~ 18 months of the "come here, no go away" game was more than enough 5 years ago.  Has he changed?  Am I a moron?  Time will tell!
On a not-yet-newsworthy side note, three days (yes, in a row) at the gym.  No major changes, but I have high hopes.  AND on the financial front ~ got a full refund on the cursed, nose-breaking shoes!!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I have to to rename this blog...

So far, not totally in love with 2010.  As if the mono episode wasn't annoying enough, I now have a broken nose and REALLY messed up face.  There are days when I am in dire need of adult supervision...  I decided to take the pooches for a walk while trying out a pair of those "butt exercising" tennis shoes.  While, it must be confessed, I was 'slightly hungover' (read REALLY hungover and decided to get my ass in shape in a single day), the cause of my face meeting the curb so abruptly was a cat.  Damned cat.  Stupid big dogs.  Ouchie!
Dating and meeting anyone new is on hold at the moment, as I saw a neighbor today and she seemed horrified.  My family and friends are having a much better time with this than I am.  Suggestions running amuck that I take a photograph of this new look and post as my FaceBook pic.  Sure, I'll get right on that.  This is a look I want to remember... 
This all leads me to believe that I, apparently, am being given some time by the Big Kahuna (God, Spirit, Universe ~ whatever you're comfortable with) to work on myself.  Self work, here I come ~ with much determination and fewer alcohol fueled evenings of Pre-President's Day celebration... 
In the meantime, I may have to rename this project "The Next to Last Year of Living Single".  Catchy?  No?

Monday, February 1, 2010

Work, work, work (with some work on the side)

As you might have noticed by the title, I've been working like crazy lately.  No time for socializing this past week, probably a good thing.  Doesn't it seem as though there is a ton of "full moon behavior", without the full moon?  Perhaps it's just me... 
Still no communication from "B" after our less than stellar last date ~ was hoping to remain friends.  He is amazingly intelligent and I love that sarcastic wit.  Oh, well, c'est la vie!  No reply from Bestie's SIL on whether "K" is in town when I am.  Maybe this should be a time of reflection and inner dialogue ~ or not. 
I am now down to two dating sites ~ college kids, senior citizens and sexual deviants have driven me from the rest.  I have also told EVERYONE I know that I am available for set-ups.  Seems someone with a friend's recommendation might be the way to go. 
All is quiet here at home.  My sis and BIL have the pooches for two weeks, as I am, wait for it, overwhelmed with work... 

Monday, January 25, 2010


How is it possible that a grown man has NO idea what he wants?  Seriously?  The thought has crossed my mind that "B" is just playing games ~ a huge turn-off, btw!  Completely frustrated, don't have any place to vent it ~ except perhaps the kitchen.  Should have several new and interesting recipes soon...
In other news, let Bestie's SIL know I would be in town for 3 days/nights next week and to feel free to confirm something/anything with "K".  "T and M" are back this week, so intro to their friend should be soon...  Can't put all my eggs in one basket!
I have removed myself from a couple of the dating sites, as I've decided I have no desire to be spanked, experiment with anal and/or other even less savory options.  Who are these men and do they really get to roam around freely with the rest of us?  Fly your freak flag, I say, but don't expect everyone else to be flying the same one...

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Who Knew?

Had a date with "B" last night ~ funny how things work out.  Had completely written him off and now he so has me right between the ears (that's where you REALLY turn on the ladies, guys!).  Something about a super-smart guy with a sense of humor...  I have to fight to keep my clothes from falling off! 
A couple of drinks & scintillating conversation later, no kiss...  He's never had Mono & wants to keep it that way.  But the talking was good, better than, actually ~ nearly great.  Gotta find out that I am definitely no longer contagious ~ you need the kiss to find out if the frog is really a prince or simply a toad all dressed up! 
Bestie's SIL should have the set-up with "K" this weekend, Architect will be sometime late in the month (T & M are in Cali)...
So far, not a bad start to 2010, huh?

Monday, January 18, 2010


So "B" turned out to be a bust ~ don't you hate it when they're all "build-up" and no substance.  It's like eating Chinese food, you're hungry again in no time at all...  But I digress.  Bestie's SIL still has the set-up with "K" in the works, seeing her this weekend, should have a date set soon.  "T" has an architect she'd like me to meet ~ if he's anything at all like her amazing hubbie, I can't wait to meet him. 
I feel as though I need one of those flashing "next" signs, or at the very least, one of those tickety things that shows "now serving #143".  I'll have to look into that.  On the up side, today was a definite fashion do ~ "T" got a Birkin, gave me her Kelley ~ YeeHaw for lack of better phrasing!
Finger's crossed the week ends much better than it began...

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Temporarily Sidelined

Out with Mono ~ how very Junior High of me!  Don't know how/when I caught it, but have been out of commission (sleeping constantly) since last post.  Good news though, have not-so-far in the future date with "B" (met on one of the dating sites I've signed onto) and SIL of Bestie is working to reschedule set-up with "K".   Not too shabby, considering.  Am meeting up sometime this week with local gal pals ~ will be great to be out & about again after nearly two weeks stuck inside! 

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Decision Made!

I've decided this is to be my last year being single. No, I don't know why I made this decision, but there it is. I don't know that this means I want to get married, just that I want someone to share my life with. Where to start? Dating would be good. I was supposed to be set-up by my best friend's sister-in-law (not sure how anyone feels about my use of their names, except aforementioned best friend, who is INTENSLY private ~ I'll refer to her as "Bestie")... Date was canceled, he is in NC at the moment ~ to be rescheduled. Have put myself "out there", as in dating sites. A couple of bites so far ~ had to reword profiles & request the 20-somethings and senior citizens look elsewhere. Does that make me a bitch?