Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Is this year over yet???

Sad, sad news ~ Besties's dad passed away last week.  Truly a depressing affair, loads of tears at the memorial service.  Especially sad during the holidays.  Some things I didn't understand ~ no one got up and spoke?  Only the Minister (Preacher?).  I have to say, I don't get the ways of the non-Irish Catholic folks.  No wake?  No up-all-night telling great stories about the recently deceased, laughing and drinking in his (her) honor?  No one speaking about wonderful memories?  I have decided that I'm not showing for my funeral.  Scratch that, no funeral at all.  I'd rather have a party (why stray from what you know, even in death?).  Use the insurance money on a couple of kegs and one of those groovy multi-margarita machines (to go home with the door prize winner).  Cover the floor in sand, play plenty of Jimmy Buffett and Kenny Chesney.  Show fun pics of me with all the attendees.  Tell only the fun stories, no sad stuff.  Use the flower money for fresh flower leis (I want EVERYONE to get lei'd in my honor!). 
I do want to be cremated ~ no need to take up room when I'm gone.  Ashes to be mixed up with those of my dearly deceased pooches and my Dad ~ to be tossed into the wind on a drinking sailing trip by good friends.  Oh!  And donate all of my viable organs ~ I would prefer to be as thin as possible when I leave here...

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Another day, another injury?

At some point SOON, all injuries/illness/yuckiness in general will cease.  Seriously.  Just crawled in from walking the pooches ~ lovely, breezy beach evening.  Giant, scary leaves blowing across the grass scared BaileyTheBeast.  He plowed into me, knocking me down into a screaming mess.  Where are all the cute guys to come help me up?  Not here!  A stray cat did take that opportunity to cross the street in front of us.  Good to know that Bailey can indeed drag both me and Cooper with little to no effort.  Through mud, no less...  All  future pets WILL weigh less than 100lbs. 
Now resting somewhat comfortably with awkward bendy-backward knee elevated.  I'm sure it will heal itself?  On other medical fronts ~ ordered new glasses today.  Thoughtful optometrist (opthamalogist?) showed me the exact spot within my eye that told him I was on the other side of 40.  Note to self:  get new, less talkative eyes.
Spoke with "A" today ~ she and estranged hubby are getting along much better (yay!) and have a friend of said hubby to fix me up with.  2011 is looking good!!!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Best way EVER to spend a Sunday evening...!

Got a call today as I was in the midst of a crazy work day (yes, Sunday is a work day for me), that some of the girls had booked a nail salon for a private party.  Sushi, Mimosas, Mani/Pedis, massages, the works.  Was I interested?  Hells Yeah!  Did we JUST meet??  Best way EVER to spend a Sunday or any other day, I say!  Had such a blast with the girly-girls ~ much needed stress buster.  Sicketysicksicksick for a good bit of last week.  Nothing serious, run of the mill winter cooties. 
Mommy, sis and niece came down from Charlotte for the weekend and got my house in order ~ literally as well as figuratively.  Had a nice dinner with more lovely ladies Saturday night then off to see a local Christmas show, Bestie's Mom and Sis came with.  Weekend full of female bonding ~ Love it!!! 
Am all invigorated to begin the new exercise schedule ~ sis swears by Zumba, can't wait to give it a shot...  Finger's crossed for an injury free end to the year!