Monday, November 29, 2010


Holy Crap!  It's been HOW long since I've posted???  Too long, but here's the update (may take another post)...  2010 not a stellar year for me thus far:  broken noses ~ 2 (yes, both mine, just twice), Bronchitis ~ 3 (once leading to an upper respiratory infection, yay me!), Mono ~ once (and only once, thank God that one can't be a repeat offender), jacked-up knees due to bachelorette party antics (too much tequila, 5" heels, large dirt mound 'too big to go around, let's just go over'...  Need I say more?) ~ 2 (again, both mine), Fire Ant bites ~ 32 (just on me, countless bites on the pooches), funerals ~ 2, mom in hospital ~ once (Congestive Heart Failure, once is MORE than enough), puppies rescued ~ 7 (I kept one, got sis to take one, got the other 5 adopted out), sprained wrist ~ 1, broken foot ~ 1 (two bones on the top.  Fell out of the new car.  Don't ask.  Yes!  I was SOBER), blah, blah, blah...  On the upside, only had to attend 2 weddings this year (one canceled) and won a trip to Las Vegas (fun, fun, fun girl's weekend). 
I have dated a bit though.  Reconnected with a friend I grew up with ~ I have no idea why it ended, I thought things were awesome.  Men.  Can't live with them or get them to communicate, can't chop them up into bite-sized pieces and get away with it.  Oh, well, kept me occupied for 6 months.  Next?  I have been getting out much more ~ just celebrated my birthday Kardashian Style in 2 separate states.  Okay, so SC/NC is not too Kardashian, but it was a lot of fun. 
In other news, my college roomie is now divorced (YAY!!!), friend "A" is estranged from hubby for the moment (I have hopes they'll work it out).  I have been working out and organizing the house (back to house hunting, relationship with "D" sidelined me momentarily).  I now am back to 2 dogs (down from 3).  Gave nutso pooch back to my sister and kept one of the Lab puppies I rescued.  Bailey loves his Cooper ~ she's a handful!
Bestie's SIL has not mentioned "K" of late, perhaps he's found someone.  Good for him if he has ~ every pot needs a lid!  "T" still wants to set me up with architect ~ I need to clear a little time.  Am down to one dating site ~ getting good responses, need to clear actual time to go on actual dates!  More to follow ~ sooner than later next time!!