Thursday, March 22, 2012

Great (re)start!

Woo Hoo ~ 2 days in a row...  What a week/month at work ~ this weekend is the annual Chaine dinner for the scholarship fund.  Unlike last year, I won't be working 30+hours over the weekend (just 12), as my sis and fam will be here at the beach for my gorgeous niece's cheer competition.  Very excited to FINALLY see her compete!  Even more excited for them to see all the new furniture!
Next weekend the Bestie+hubby will be here for his softball tourney ~ am looking forward to that as well.  Totally reminiscing about watching at the old airbase fields ~ an ex played for the USAF team and we were here often for games/tournaments.  Fond memories.  Speaking of that ex ~ he's baaaaaacccck!  Not that way, of course ~ I believe going back to an ex is like going to a garage sale and buying your own stuff.  Whywouldyou?  Tracked me down via something called 'mylife' and then fb.  Shockedthehellouttame!  We've caught up, I was sooooo in love with him back then ~ and now, NOW, he tells me he believes I was 'the one'.  wth??  I've GOT TO fix my lovelife Karma, and S O O N!
Bestie is hoping I will watch/meet/fallinlove with one of the guys playing on the hub's team and will immediately head back to Charleston.  I am hoping to win the lottery tomorrow night...

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